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Hot Spring Images from images.google.com.
Read the bad news from Hot Springs, MT
Visits to Chinati Hot Springs, and Boquillas Hot Spring by Kent Wilson
A neat page on Tofino and others by Tim Driskell.
A Trip to Safford, Arizona and its natural hot springs by Kim Sturmer.
Life at High Temperatures, by Thomas D. Brock covers the microscopic life of Yellowstone hot springs.
Hot Springs in the Ray Mountains of Alaska.
A well done page on California Hot Springs.
Hot Springs in Dominica, courtesy of Dominica Online.
You need them. Hot Springs books.
In Japan, they say Onsen:

Let this bear show you onsen close enough for a day trip from Tokyo. Day's trip ONSEN Michelin

Dave's Natural and Traditional Hot Springs of Japan by David Roland

Free and other Hot Springs of Japan from Jens K. Olsen

Hot Springs in Miyagi prefecture
A complete listing of Hot Springs in the U.S. from the National Geophysical Data Center .
A Street Atlas USA 3.0 map file (28K), showing the locations of many hot springs in the West. This is only useful to those people who have the De Lorme Street Atlas CD, but if you do have the CD, it's great to actually see all the springs, and be able to zoom in and out, showing all the nearby roads, etc., courtesy of Richard Cochran
A great page on New Mexico hot springs from the SERS program at Los Alamos National Laboratory. UPDATE - well it was great till they took out all the cool pics with the lab rats, I mean students, in the pools.
These links are from George Cole's excellent Idaho, Hiking and Hotsprings website:

Kern Hot Spring, courtesy of Robert Miller.
Selected Hydrologic Features in Long Valley Caldera from the U.S.G.S Volcano Hazards Program
Several hot springs in the Mammoth Lakes, CA area.
A map and some pictures of Colorado hot springs, from the Colorado Water Knowledge pages at Colorado State University.
An extremely brief description of the geology of hot springs.
You might want to search for rec.nude postings containing those wonderful words: "hot springs"
Some photos:
  • A pretty picture of the Hot springs of the Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia from VolcanoWorld
  • Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park provide the subject for this stunning photo, and this one, too
  • Another good one from Yellowstone
  • And one by Lake Yellowstone
  • A photo of hot springers in Old Montana.

  • Thermal Feature Definitions
    For our eastern hotspring-deprived friends, there's Swimming Holes East
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